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Wearable Electronics [June 6]

by willow on May 18, 2010

in Events

Sunday, June 6, 2010 5PM-9:30PM Getting Started With Wearable Electronics II: Switches, Sensors and Actuators

In this class we will build on knowledge learned in part I to learn how to make our wearable creations interactive using switches, sensors, and actuators.  Using standard and not-so-standard materials like velcro and conductive fabric, we will build various types of switches, sensors, and actuators.  Each attendee should bring at least one garment to experiment on.  Want to improve your project from Getting Started I?  No problem, bring it in for an upgrade!

Topics covered will include:

– switches: the basics
– soft switches and supplies: thinking outside of the proverbial box
– sensors: the basics
– soft sensors: shit’s about to get real now
– traces II: other kinds of traces on your circuits
– actuators: are they relevant?
– power II: what other kinds of power supplies can we use?
– quick intro to the Arduino
– a short lecture on relevance and use

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