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Wearables Info (10/06/06)

by willow on June 1, 2010

in Info

The structure this time is to get everybody set up with their supplies, demo some switches to build, then let everybody play while Monica works on something way more complex and answer questions. This is a free-form workshop, not a lecture; there’s no real expectation that people have to stay for four hours. Monica will review the circuit stuff we covered the first time, too. Recommended tools to bring include scissors, needle-nosed pliers, and wire cutters/wire strippers, but I’ll have my tools with me again.

For the next workshop, Monica has put together some kits: contents include power supplies and a battery, conductive thread, some LEDs, fabric, a few types of conductive fabric, a needle, and random little things to help build soft switches, plus wires and random other useful things.  this stuff racks up over time (especially the power supplies and conductive materials), so she needs to charge $10 or so for each person who wants to take the supplies home with them.  Anybody who doesn’t want to take the supplies can still play, of course. There are 12 packs, but if more people sign up as needing them, more can be put together.

Registration is here. Not required, but encouraged.

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