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by sarterus on July 22, 2010

in Info,News

brianrowentenHello JR,

This is Brian Rowe one of your new “Bloggers in Residence” (this just means that I am trading blogging skillz for access to the space, but the title sounds better a resume). I will be posting weekly if not a few times a week on what is happening at JR. If you have events, photos!, stories, videos! or anything JR related that you want to see on the blog please ping me at Brian < at > and I will try to work it in. I am also willing to help others get set up blogging at JR or on their own site. Outside of blogging too much I also teach Information Privacy at Seattle University Law and Law & Ethics on occasion at UW’s iSchool.

What I Make/Hack:
Intellectual Property News Videos or at the Youtube Channel New in IP
Copyright Law
Public speaking
Chess – Yes I am a geek that loves chess, I will trade lessons for just about anything!
Wordpress – I run 3 blogs on WP and launched many other people on the path of blogging – the most recent friend I convinced to blog is Anne-Marrie’s a Gamer & Lawyer  @

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