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open hours and daVinci

by willow on July 12, 2010

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We’re refocusing our communications and responsibilities to encourage ownership and increase ease of use at Jigsaw. We’re using Yammer and Open Atrium in place of the daVinci Mailing List to communicate small changes and new tasks. We’re dropping most open hours and making keys more accessible.
Both open hours and daVinci will continue exist, but will be given less emphasis.

Hours: asking busy people who are already giving their time and money to be here on a set schedule is unreasonable. Set open hours will continue, though in lesser quantity, maintained primarily for events and when members on scholarship can keep the space open. The new hours will be posted by the end of this week to Yammer, Open Atrium, and this website (not to daVinci).

Keys: We passed variable member dues, starving member rates, and household member rates. This means that:

  • The more people who are signed up for keys, the less each pays. We are currently two-thirds of the way to the membership level required to reduce rates.
  • Starving key rates are available for members who are financially incapable of affording the regular keyed rate. Starving members pay half the keyed rate, or 50 dollars.
  • Household rates are available to households with two or more keyed members. The first member of your household obtains a key at the keyed rate (currently 100 dollars), and any people that live in the same house get keys at half the keyed rate after that.
  • Scholarships are still available – if you want access to the space but are so low on cash monies that the starving rate is not feasible, let me know. We’ll work something out.
  • Our new vetting process for keyed members requires that you participate at Jigsaw for 2 weeks and acquire 3 signatures from existing keyed members. This process is designed to prevent folks who aren’t invested in the Jigsaw community from having 24/7 access to our space. There is a rush process available, and we’ll hear you out if the new process seems unfair. General memberships will continue to be available without restrictions.
  • All keyed members will be briefed on using Yammer and Open Atrium. You don’t have to use them, but it’s nice to know how we’re communicating. I’m in the process of setting up sessions for keyed people.

Yammer: as a Jigsaw member, you should have an e-mail account. If you don’t, ping Baron. Use this to sign into Yammer (it automatically adds you to the Jigsaw community when you login with your Jigsaw address). We’ll be trying to use this instead of daVinci to communicate short messages which don’t belong in Open Atriumit can ship to your phone, be more specific in what updates you get when, etc. We can “like” class propositions to see who is up for it, and then schedule it on Open Atrium. We can indicate changes made to the space, and questions about where things are at.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Willow Brugh
director, Jigsaw Renaissance

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