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Geek Week Recap: JR Outreach

by sarterus on August 23, 2010

in Events,News

Jigsaw Renaissance had a big week last week. Our fearless leader, Willow Brugh, spoke at two Seattle Tech events related to Geek Week; Gnomedex and the OpenUP Speakers Forum at SeedSpace.

Gnomedex is yearly tech event that brings together Innovators and Influential Techies to showoff  how Technology is changing the world. The Venue for Gnomedex is great, it is usually held on the water at Pier 66’s Bell Harbor Conference Center.  The conference is run by Chris Pirillo the founder of Lockergnome, a network of blogs, web forums, mailing lists and online communities. It is well worth checking out.

The OpenUP Speakers Forum is of great interest to me. It is a place for people “to share their projects and learn how using open source principles and Creative Commons licences can help them to more effectively collaborate with other like-minded people to build better businesses, lives and communities.” It is great to see open source and Creative Commons getting some traction here in Seattle. The ability to easily remix and reuse content is essential to hackers and makers. The Venue for the OpenUP Speakers Forum is Seedspace a community driven coworking space aimed at developers, freelances and independent business owners.  My favorite part about speakers form is the core principles: Openness, Transparency, Community, and ‘Early and Often.’ The first three are all over the open source community but the last one is less common but just as important:

Early and Often

Open Source is about Prototyping and developing as a community. By harnessing the power of a community Open Source has more then just a small limited number of developers. By Releasing a Project and developing it as an larger community allows much more input and skill to be added to the mix.

Also allowing others to witness the unfolding and development of the project allows a deeper sharing and can help others in the creation of similar projects.

read the other principles here

If anyone has video of either of these talks please ping me so that we can get them up online. I know Gnomedex will have official copies up in a month or two, but even a flip version would be great until then.

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