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Board Meeting 9/7/10

by Digital Flood on September 7, 2010

in News

Tonight was the Jigsaw Renaissance board meeting. It was one of the longer meetings, clocking in at well over an hour. Many decisions were made, foremost among them a few minor proposed changes to the membership agreement (members keep an eye out for these proposed changes so you can comment on them) and a reshuffling of the board. Strand stepped down as treasurer and Ryan was voted in as treasurer. Strand was then voted into a new position ‘Community Evangelist’ which, I am reliably informed, will not involve neither Bibles nor streetcorners.

Willow, the director of Jigsaw Reniassance, was unable to attend the meeting. She’s out on a tour of hacker/maker spaces (for more details, click here). However, we were not entirely devoid of her presence. Ladies and gentlemen, I present unto you RoboWillow:

Our skype stand

Our skype stand

And, lastly, a reminder to all of you out there: Jigsaw board meetings are open to the public.

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