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Help Build a Book Scanner

by sarterus on September 22, 2010

in Showcase

DYI book scanner by PugnoM

JR has a great new project coming up building a DYI Book scanner

WHAT? A bookscanner quickly scans books at high quality to your computer without damaging the book and outputs a pdf, djvu, jpgs, whatever. Then you can read them on your ebook reader or computer, share them with friends or the internets, etc.

WHY? To be AWESOME! Because Strand got it in his head that this would be a good idea, and then Chloe was like “Hell Yeah!” To save old texts from being lost. To make rare texts accessible and free to anyone with the internets. To save money on expensive college textbooks. To quickly scan your scrapbooks and photo albums. Personally, I’m interested in digitizing my collection of shorthand books and magazines from the 1890s-1930s that are expensive and hard to come by and uploading them as nostalgia-fodder for the internet’s stenography

WHEN? Initial meeting this Sun the 26th of Sept at 2pm. We’ll have more meetings and work parties, but this will allow us to set down
plans for how we’ll do this.
WHO? Anybody! A bookscanner project involves software, woodworking, building, hardware hacking, a little money, possibly metalwork, excitement, etc, etc. This is a group project—if you’re interested, show up—we can use you!!

If you’d like to be involved, you can educate yourself about bookscanners by visiting and reading through their forums. There are many options and ways we could go about doing this, and the more people who bring ideas about what they’d like to see, the more exciting this can be!

Other  things to check out for book scanner info & inspiration!

PS if anyone wants to talk fair use and book scanners ping me! DYI book scanner photo by PugnoM at Flicker under CC BY

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