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We made rent! Hooray!

by willow on January 31, 2011

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To the Jigsaw community:

Thank you! Because of your outpouring of support and funds we made February’s rent.

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Special thanks to the following people and groups for their generous donations:

We cannot thank you all enough.

We’ll be throwing a St. Maker’s Day party and fundraiser on March 17th, and will be dedicating it to everyone who continues to make Jigsaw happen; thank the makers! We hope everyone in our Jigsawesome community can come. Tasty local brew and wine will be available at 5$ a glass. We’ll have live music, battle paper airplanes, have a green dye bath for anyone who cares to dabble, and play with LEGOs at the very least. Please bring your friends.

This is clearly an issue we never want to face again. We’ve come up with a few ways to not only make rent and bills but to also have project and emergency funds. Here are a few, feel free to check out the wiki page and inject some of your own! Any help in pushing these plans forward is also greatly appreciated.

  • Fundraisers
  • Advance and on-time dues payments
  • Grants
  • Loan, from the community or a bank
  • Increasing membership

We’ll be detailing our primary strategy to attain financial stability on the blog later this week.

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