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what we’d like to make this week : RENT!

by willow on January 28, 2011

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Hello All. I’m sorry to report that Jigsaw is in a dire fiscal situation. Our board appointed Treasurer, a Jigsaw member for over a year, has not been in touch for the previous 3 weeks and we are unable to contact him. His family assured Willow he is alive and well. And thankfully, he has not absconded with Jigsaw funds in any sort of way, but we are left in a bookkeeping lurch.

We find ourselves 700$ short of February rent for the space, due in full, in 3 days. Many thanks to Leviathan Security for getting us well on the way to making rent – but we still have that 700$ to make. Yes, we can pay late, but would rather not stack late fees on top of everything else. Although we thank everyone who has already payed dues for the month of January (and beyond), this is the critical time for those who have not yet paid dues for January, or plan to pay dues for February, to do so.

Other options for chipping in:

  • Donate!
  • Stick a check, some cash, negotiable bearer bonds, your car title, or property deed into the donations box.
  • Ask friends and coworkers to donate. Or bring them by. Maybe they’ll love Jigsaw and also be willing to contribute!
  • Pay dues in advance for February or longer. (See below.)

Some incentives:

  • We have 501c3 status via The School Factory’s umbrella. (ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED), so what you donate to Jigsaw is tax deductible!
  • Pay in advance and save. *jazzhands* : pay 6 months in advance, you’ll get a month free. Pay for 1 year in advance and get 2 months, etc.

Contingency plans are bleak. What happens if we don’t make it? Well, Jigsaw goes away (or at least doesn’t have a dedicated space) and Willow will likely gain a lot of debt and jadedness. To keep this from happening in the future, here are some long-term plans we’re working on: corporate matching, grants, having a responsible treasurer.

Naturally, we are looking for both a replacement and an interim treasurer. If you have past experience handling money for non-profits or keep an immaculate personal budget, please enquire to willow at jigsawrenaissance dot org

It’s difficult and frustrating to make these types of announcements. But they are necessary to uphold Jigsaw’s administrative transparency. Thank you for you’re time and continued support.
In parting, enjoy #8 of Bre Pettis & Kio Stark’s Manifesto of the Cult of the Done:

“Laugh at perfection. It’s boring and keeps you from being done.“

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