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Dungeons of My Spirit

by strand on February 17, 2011

in Events

Auteur David Lynch once said, “The explaining of things in words is always a huge problem.” When I look at his oeuvre, I wonder if the explaining of things in words being hard is why his films are so incomprehensible. I also wonder if David Lynch looks back at his earliest films and wonders, “what did I think I was doing then?” As someone who has maintained a practice of writing during my entire adult life I know that writing never gets easier, the mistakes you make only get smaller. By taking a moment to laugh at our past mistakes we can inoculate ourselves against self-doubt and the taunts of haters.

In this vein Jigsaw will be hosting Dungeons of My Spirit, an open mic for adolescent writing. We hope that you’ll read some of your most angst-riddled work from your teens or early twenties. What you wrote then wasn’t penned with an artist’s experience or skill, and we hope that pieces read will be more humorous than embarrassing. We don’t just want to hear a dramatic reading, we want you to contribute an overly dramatic reading.

Willow will be reading some of her diary entries from high school. Strand will read a poem from the expletively-titled chapbook he self-published in college. We hope you’ll choose to read at Dungeons of My Spirit on Thursday, February 24th from eight till ten PM. To sign up in advance, please use the form below, which includes space for a slide which will be projected behind you at the reading. You do not have to sign up in advance, but it does help the organizers out. Suggested uses of the slide: a prom photo, a map of the suburb you escaped, or a picture of dead and broken bird. Please bring a copy of your most miserable teenage writing if it wasn’t all lost in that terrible fire and commiserate with us.

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