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Beer and Limes

by willow on March 17, 2011

in Showcase

For St Patrick Maker’s Day, we were going to make potato clocks. But there was a potato famine. So we went to the nextdoor bar to get limes. We then drank beer and Did ScienceTM.

Scientific Method: Beer

The results are as follows:

Step one: consume beer
Step two: locate limes
Step three: go to bar next door to find limes

Statistical analysis
Null hyp: all the same
Hypothesis of voltage capacitance through a lime is inversly proportional to the square of the volume of the lime.
Secondary hyp: the more beers we have, the less frequency we will measure the limes

Outcome, in volts
Control lime: 0.900
Boiled lime: 1.015, .983 after another beer
Nuked lime: 1.016
Frozen lime: 1.020
Thawed lime (after 8ish minutes): 1.007

Load test
Thawed: 0.68
Boiled: 0.13 (started at 0.20)
Control: 0.36
Nuked: 0.13 (started at 0.23)

Volume test
in miliLimes: (evoluate)
Nuked: floated just less than 90mL
Boiled: sank just less than 90mL
Control: floats, 95mL
Thawed: floats, 95mL

Frozen limes are harder to stick wires into
We cannot solder to limes
See, the electrons team up to fight crime and do quantum stuff.
The electrons are also exactly identical. No good cop, bad cop.
Unless it’s electron positron. You’re a good cop, buddy, POW

Next experiments: go into various bars to test voltage of limes. Time how long it takes to get kicked out.
What effect does boiling, freezing, have to do with its kirlian aura?

How many limes does it take to charge an iPad? 5, but slowly. Would work for about 10 minutes until they ran out. We *can* run limes in series.
None, it’s an apple product.

Wired, in series: LIMELIGHT!

You can find more images on our Flickr Group, and participate on the wiki page on in the comments here!

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