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Blogging Opportunity!

by willow on March 21, 2011

in Info,News

The amazing Brian has come across a jorb in his actual career path, and so we now have an opening for a Steampunk Workshop scholarshiped key at Jigsaw. What does this mean? You write a blog entry once a week to go on the highly visible and awesome Steampunk Workshop about making things! Things at Jigsaw! Things that other people have made! It doesn’t even need to be steampunktastic! It just needs to be a blog entry.

In exchange, you get a key to Jigsaw! 24/7 access to badass equipment and community!


Interested? E-mail Willow at JigsawRenaissance dot org with why you’re interested and proof that 1) you can in fact write and 2) that you can do so consistently.

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