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by Michael Park, Treasurer on April 9, 2011

in News

CIMG8670aWashington Aerospace held their monthly model rocket launch today at 60 Acres in Redmond. A small contingent from Jigsaw Renaissance went out to fly with them.

This was Budi’s first experience with model rockets. He had just built his Alpha III the night before.

CIMG8675aHe made two flights today, both successful.

I launched an experimental scratch-built rocket twice. Both times the recovery device failed to deploy properly. Apparently I am out of practice.

Meanwhile we got to see many other rockets: two-stage rockets, clustered engines, flying saucers, engines up to an F—a really wide variety.

If you’re interested in participating in this fun and exciting hobby, I have kits for sale, $10. Contact me for details.

A few more photos on Flickr.

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