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Dorkbot Invasion!

by Michael Park, Treasurer on April 6, 2011

in Events

CIMG8631aTonight, Jigsaw was overrun by soldering iron-wielding crazies from Dorkbot! It was their annual Kit Night; men, women, children, and at least one dog were hunched over circuit boards, soldering like mad. (OK, the dog was just resting, possibly high on solder fumes.)
It was a pretty amazing and inspiring sight, all those soldering irons in one place. I was impressed that circuit breakers weren’t popping left and right.
CIMG8629aDorkbot is graciously donating proceeds from tonight’s event to help JR flourish, so three cheers for them. (I would cheer, but I can barely bring myself to say “Dorkbot” aloud.)

See more pictures on Flickr:

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