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Fundraising Event, & Preparation [Tuesday Nights]

by LionKimbro on April 26, 2011

in Lion Kimbro,News

What: Fund Raiser Preparation Workshops & Add Diction Folk Opera Fundraiser

When: Tuesday evenings 8-9:30 until June 22

Who: Graphic Artists, Musicians, Event Logistics folk, Marketers, Sculptors, Videographers, A/V techs, Puppet makers, Interpretive Dancers (and all those who want to be part of such)

Owen writes:

My plan is to bring people and resources into the JR by making music and art. I want to have all of the money raised go to the Jigsaw Renaissance, my return on my time would be that one third of the proceeds would be considered toward my member dues after my scholarship ends at the end of the Quarter (July 1.) Desk Member David Trotter has generously offered to allow me to use a small corner of his space to store the sculpture and a footlocker to house other materials.

On Tuesday, June 22nd ( the first full day of summer ) From 8 PM till 9:30 PM, there will be a fund raising event. 6 songs all telling one story – a folk opera called Add Diction – an allegory that tells the story of Djim Crow, which I wrote under the pen name Henrietta Lawson. I am making a large multi-media sculpture of the song lyrics and want to make a series of videos to project on the wall above the musicians and perhaps dancers, or puppeteers. The music should take less than an hour, to be followed by an auction to redistribute the art created to the audience.

The help I need will be in several fashions – other musicians who want to practice on at least one of the intervening tuesdays. artists who will help make representations of Ravens and Crows, a St. Bernard, a Norweigian Mountain Cat, 5 DEA agents, a Pot Farmer, an old nearly blind man with a guitar, a parrot, and a Condor. at least one A/V tech who can help make the stage craft happen on time. A marketing crew that can help make the fund raising as successful for the Jigsaw as possible, and folks to perform other roles as yet undefined (logistics, auction, maitre de, etc)

These are all roles that I believe I can perform on my own, but would have zero ability or desire to perform all at once.

This process will be a learning experience, and if it goes well, could become the formation of a crew that would do quarterly fund raising productions.

the songs in lyric form with links to videos I made for them using my netbook exist online at [url]

Mahalo, OWEN

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