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New Board; O-scope; SCoW

by Michael Park, Treasurer on April 20, 2011

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Our newly-elected board (Ned, Bob, Joshua, Robin, Kav) met tonight for the first time.CIMG8734a Willow brought them up to speed. Read all about it on the wiki:

While they were discussing serious business, Wes Cherry donated a bunch of electronic parts and an oscilloscope(!) Thank you, Wes!

CIMG8746aBudi, Alan, and Brittney came for SCoW. Budi was a guinea pig for Michael’s “introduction to microcontrollers” tutorial. Budi also worked on a different approach to a multitouch surface. Alan got some RGB LEDs glowing. Brittney celebrated SCoW’s sewing and crafting heritage by knitting.CIMG8743a

More photos from tonight on Flickr

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