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Random Hacks of Kindness

by Joshua on April 26, 2011

in Chloe,Joshua Madara,News

Random Hacks of Kindness
Bookscanners are devices which allow people to rapidly scan their books to a digital format, so they can take their books with them without having to take the paper with them. Jigsaw has talked about building one in the past and Chloe took the lead in organizing the project.
Commercial bookscanners are expensive, but recently a DIY community has sprung up around making inexpensive and open source bookscanners. They have been featured in Wired and bOING bOING and different designs and techniques are detailed at
We estimate that the project will take at least 350$ to complete, accounting for materials and two Canon A480s. To ensure that we have enough money to make this project successful we’re looking to raise 425$.
The bookscanner will be a great way to archive out-of-print books and photo albums. It will be capable of scanning at least A4 sizes, which is larger than most textbooks.
When the bookscanner is complete, anyone will be able to come in to Jigsaw to scan their books. Throw in some money so you can take your books with you anywhere, even while they’re sitting at home on the shelf.

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