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We ought to be in pictures…

by Michael Park, Treasurer on April 4, 2011

in News

CIMG8606aYesterday a film crew was in the space interviewing various Jigsaw personages (Willow, Robin, Bergen, and Dayde). It was for a documentary called ReMade: The Rebirth of the Maker Movement being produced by Electromagnate. Here’s what has to say about the film:

We are currently filming a documentary that explores the state and direction of the Maker and Hackerspace movement in America. We’re visiting hackerspaces and makerspaces across the nation in an attempt to show the incredible innovation, creativity, struggles and triumphs that exemplify these spaces. Our goal is to help everyone understand what hackerspaces and makerspaces are doing, how they are doing it and how the Maker Movement is changing the world.

Sounds like a worthwhile goal, and it’s exciting that Jigsaw Renaissance is being included!

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