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Metaphoric Objects!

by LionKimbro on June 24, 2011

in Events

Ben's Spaceship - from a prior "Metaphoric Objects" event

Have fun, explore, and share about yourself,  at Jigsaw Renaissance!  We’ll have a creative encounter with space, objects, and the tensions between them.  Use found objects and found space, to make a physical representation of what makes you uniquely you.  Then, we’ll share what we’ve created with each.  Sounds unlikely?  It’s easy!  And it always works.  It’s also a lot of fun.

This event is on Saturday, July 2nd, from 12 noon – 2 PM at Jigsaw’s room in the Inscape Arts building.

No skills are required — this is accessible to all people.  This is geared to adults, but children with self-control are safe and welcome.

This creative encounter is based in the “Metaphoric Objects” exercise in Peter London‘s book, “No More Secondhand Art!

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