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SCoW Notes

by Michael Park, Treasurer on July 29, 2011

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You may recall that JR had a team in the Great Globalspace Hacker Challenge. Well, a package from GGHC arrived just in time for SCoW this week. Budi and Alan (GGHC team members) opened it to find a nice soldering iron and some support materials.

Bill came in a little later, then Pat came by with a couple of old radios he wanted to troubleshoot. He was hoping we had a signal generator; unfortunately, we don’t.

Rich showed up on his electric-ducted-fan-powered bicycle and took it for a test drive in the hall. Check out the video:

More SCoW photos here.

Here’s a bit info about EDF from Nothing Labs (Rich Olson) blog:
“EDF is short for Electric Ducted Fan. They are basically enclosed propellers for model airplanes – they look kind of like little jets!”
Also check out more video of the Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) “Jet” Bike at Nothing Labs (Rich Olson).

Replacing fans with photon generator units will eliminate the need of acoustic diode gear while riding this bike.

If you’d like to help fund the R&D effort of this bike – please buy some Uranium or Thorium from him :

Check out Nothing Labs site for a listing of Nothing Labs current auctions!

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