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SCoW Report: 9/28

by Michael Park, Treasurer on September 30, 2011

in Events,Showcase

Alan and Budi made good progress on IACS. They managed to fill in the missing step in the documentation and got LEDs flashing and relays closing.

"No, *this* is the board. What you have is a cupcake."

Also: bonus points to Alan for taking out the trash.

I was looking for help to make a stepper motor animation. Lion came by and we bounced some ideas around.

Lion scoffing at my poor excuse for a notebook

A couple of new faces showed up tonight. Mike brought Dan, who’s visiting from Virginia and is a longtime fan of Bill. Fortunately Bill also showed up, so they got to meet. Bill brought Lily, who did some sketching.

Lily drawing from life. Well, from SCoW.

Annie from down the hall showed off some of her Pokemon-inspired sculptures. Lion was, of course, enrapt.

Just out of frame: Lion weeping tears of joy

Many JR B-day cupcakes were consumed.

More photos here.

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