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SCoW 2011-10-19

by Michael Park, Treasurer on October 20, 2011

in Events,Showcase

Had a decent turnout: Danny, Lion, Alan, Mike, Ned, Lawrence, and yours truly.

Mike, who first visited on 9/28, returned with his Arduino project. He’s working on a videogame, but he’s only got a 16×2 character LCD display.

Pew pew pew!

Danny had a light show going on a little device he built. He describes it in this video:

Ned brought in yet another oscilloscope for the space and spent half the evening troubleshooting it. The other half he spent discussing visual programming with Lion and others.

My attempt at a scary Halloween prop was partially successful. The device was supposed to wait for a victim to pass through the door and then drop a spider on their head. Unfortunately, for some reason it just got in a loop of dropping and reeling up the spider repeatedly, rather like a slow arachnoid yo-yo.

Spider: itsy-bitsy or eensy-weensy? Discuss.

More photos here.

Next week, Alan will be opening up the space early (6:30).

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