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SCoW Report 10/12

by Michael Park, Treasurer on October 13, 2011

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Anne, Ben, Alan, Budi, Eric (Lion in back)

Wow, a full house tonight. Plenty of new faces: Eric, a recent transplant from MI; Sameer and Dan, a couple of MS guys; and Ben and Anne from NY, touring west coast hackerspaces. Btw, would someone please get on the JR stamp project, stat? Tonight we really needed one to to stamp Ben and Anne’s hackerspace passport.


Anne, Nancy, Ned

Ned received a batch of PCBs he ordered from China. Some of them are for a soldering class he is planning. He promptly volunteered Nancy and Anne to be his guinea pigs and taught them to solder.

I thought I had improved the JigBell, but its performance remains as spotty as ever. On a more positive note, I made good progress on a Halloween spider-dropping gadget (based on the Prop Dropper).

Not a real spider

In other news, Alan showed me the IACS reading Orca cards. He, Lawrence, and Danny then engaged in some IDE-bashing. Bill demonstrated an odd device that, well, I don’t have the words.

Bill and weird mouth device

I had to leave while the shenanigans were in full swing. Thanks to Ned for taking over for me.

Photos from tonight here.

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