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Project needs support

by robin on November 1, 2011

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Jigsaw’s Board of Directors decided to change from Wells Fargo bank to a local credit union because we were tired of giving our money away in bank fees. This is decision had been in process for a couple of months with a final decision made in September, 2011.

As a member, I request that Jigsaw Renaissance publicly participate in Bank Transfer Day on Saturday, November 5th. I am NOT making this request as the treasurer of our organization, but as a member who feels passionately about this topic. Please think about this as a project that I am building, like the multi-touch table or JigTwitch. I am asking for your support of my project.toy bulldozer and money

I brought this proposal to the board on November 1st. Due to the perceived and actual association of Bank Transfer Day with the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the shared value of inclusivity, the Board needs your input on public participation in this event.

I believe that Jigsaw, and the hacker/maker movement as a whole, is a direct response to planned obsolescence–making things cheaply with the expectation they will break, needing to be replaced instead of repaired. Planned obsolescence boosts corporate profits while decimating the environment, human resources, our sense of self-efficacy (the belief that we have the ability to make effective changes in the world around us).

Public participation in Bank Transfer Day means identifying that Jigsaw Renaissance, as an organization, supports people using non-profit, local credit unions instead of for-profit, not-necessarily-local banks. Representatives from Jigsaw Renaissance (including you) would be invited to make a public statement at the rally which begins at 10am at Westlake Park. At the rally, people are invited to shred their bank statements and credit/debit cards, stuffing the shredding into tiny coffins. Tiny coffins will be delivered in a processional, complete with New Orleans-style marching jazz band to various banks around the city.

Credit union representatives from BECU, Salal (formerly Group Health credit union), WESCU and others will be on hand to sign people up for credit union accounts.

Please help me with my project by voting on one of the following options no later than Friday, November 4th at 5pm.

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