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Maker at Work: Robin

by Michael Park, Treasurer on December 22, 2011

in Showcase

Just before we moved to the new space, I found Robin working on a little project involving appliqué. I found the process to be quite interesting, so I took some photos.

She had made some owl-themed PJ pants and wanted to put some owls onto a top to match. She cut out some owls and traced their outlines onto a sheet of Steam-A-Seam fusible interfacing.

Then she cut out the owl-shaped pieces of Steam-A-Seam.She peeled off the backing and positioned the owls on the shirt with Steam-A-Seam between.
The Steam-A-Seam is tacky, allowing Robin to get things just right.Ironing fused the owls to the shirt.
Turning the shirt inside-out, Robin attached a stabilizer backing sheet with pins.The pins went through the owls.Robin carefully sewed the edges of the owls through the shirt and stabilizer.She trimmed away excess stabilizer.And voilà, the finished product!

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