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Painted Wall with Chroma Green Paint for Our Green Screen Productions

by royhardman on December 19, 2011

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Roy Hardman painted the green wall with two coats of paint.  Michael Park was there to take a picture and hear endless stories.   Thanks, Michael :)

There is still perhaps 1/4 or more of the gallon left.

Roy painting

Next we need a desk or two that can be placed in front of the screen so we have a newsroom-type setting for people to make presentations.

I have a glass top that might be perfect for one of the desks.   Let’s make some green screen productions this week!

Step 1.   Record video in front of green screen.   Actor wears no green colors.

Step 2.  Edit video with program like Power Director that replaces the green screen part of your recording with an alternate video or picture.

Step 3.   Broadcast on YouTube :)

MANY THANKS TO BEN for providing the paint!

(edited by mp: added photo.)

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