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Pinkie Pie Party!

by LionKimbro on December 26, 2011

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Rather than doing a movie for this Structure of Experience, … …in celebration of the holidays, we’re playing …

…well, — it’s a secret!!

And: it’s not just a showing — it’s also a party! With awesome music from the Internetz, videos, food, people, and life sized (plywood) ponies!

Come make friends, see & hear “what all the fuss is about,” enjoy good food and Christmas and the holidays, and par-tay!

Kids are very much welcome! … if they can contain their excitement and let us adults concentrate!

I’ll be showing at least 40 minutes of “the material,” with an intermission after the first 20 minutes, and perhaps 1 or 2 more 20-minute segments afterwards.

Thursday, 12/29, 7PM – 10PM.

Parents may want to take kids home around 9PM, but that’s for parents to judge.

You won’t want to be late!  The first video will be playing at 7:20PM.

Bring food, drink, — anything apple based would be very-much in theme.

Sakura (aka “DJ R8NB0Z,” age 10) will be playing auxiliary supporting materials during the intermissions.

Please send this invitation far & wide.  I’ve invited the Pacific Northwest Bronies, and am about to send invites to the Burner Triangle community (Burning Man.)  I’m inviting reddit /mylittlepony/ (please vote up our link!) and perhaps /Seattle/, and am going to see what I can do with Equestria Daily.  If you’d like to help organize or make props, or even just have ideas or enthusiasms to share, call me: 206.427.2545 (cell, Lion Kimbro.)

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