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SCoW Report 2012-01-11

by Michael Park, Treasurer on January 12, 2012

in Events,Showcase

Can you believe it? Ned brought in not one, but two more oscilloscopes! I think we should diversify into some other types of scopes, such as micro-, kaleido-, or colono-.

Danny, Lawrence, Ned

Lawrence and Danny continued their effort to transform a toaster oven into a soldering oven. Meanwhile, in the classroom: an actual class(!) Well, really just a dry run for my long-delayed Propeller class. Joshua and Josh (a new visitor) volunteered to be guinea pigs. It turned out to be a learning experience more for me than for them. Sorry about that, guys, but thank you for the valuable feedback.

Two Joshes "learning" about the Propeller, Budi in background

Btw, there were ladies in the house too (Hi Nancy and Laura!). Unfortunately my photo of Laura knitting a skirt didn’t come out well.

Budi has plans to add computer control to the currently dumb robot arm. The first step was to repair the darn thing—the joints would only move in one direction and not reverse. It turned out there was a loose connection from the negative power supply.

Budi and robot friend

Budi kept the space open for Danny and Lawrence after I had to leave. Thanks, Budi!

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