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SCoW/Dorkbot 2012-01-04

by Michael Park, Treasurer on January 5, 2012

in Events,Showcase

Dorkbot Seattle

JR has been the site of Dorkbot meetings for many moons now, but last night was the first Dorkbot in the new space. Aside from a few technical difficulties with the projector, everything went well. We might need some more folding chairs, though; the unofficial head count was 38 (neck and neck with the Pony Party!).

There were two presentations. Allan Bathurst of Nordstrom described the trials and tribulations of bringing window displays into the Twitter Age. Rusty Oliver of Hazardfactory brought some metalwork and showed videos of himself playing—I mean working—with fire.

Rusty Oliver

SCoW was nominally being held concurrently with Dorkbot, but all the SCoW folks were watching the presentations. Afterwards, though, Danny and Lawrence set to work converting a toaster oven into a solder reflow oven.

Danny and Lawrence

I had a nice chat with a fellow (Mark?) who’s setting up a hackerspace in Oakland, CA. Budi is going down to SF and might be able to visit.

Thanks to Doug for keeping the space open after I had to leave.

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