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SCoW Report 2012-02-22

by Michael Park, Treasurer on February 23, 2012

in Events,Showcase

Soldering, coding, robotics, and more tonight!

John brought in his two boys. Max had a kit he wanted to solder, and solder he did. Meanwhile Jared made various sound-generating devices from one of Jigsaw’s experimenter kits.

Born to solder

Jared hooking up a circuit

In the coding category, Mike worked on his Epoch compiler.

Mike coding a compiler

As for robotics, Ned managed to power up the erstwhile pipetting machine and got it moving. He got some code from the machine’s manufacturer, so he should have the thing doing his bidding in no time.

Ned bringing a machine to life

Lawrence continued with his reflow oven project. This week he was doing some testing with a hot plate.

DJ Low-Rentz spinning tunes

Concurrently in the classroom, Brian led a workshop on github.

Budi, Brian, Lion, Scary Monster, John

Thanks to Budi for keeping the space open after I had to leave.

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