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Free Geek was in the house

by Michael Park, Treasurer on March 14, 2012

in Events

Monday evening, Free Geek Seattle held their monthly meeting at Jigsaw. They didn’t have any computers to refurbish, so instead they worked on old routers.

Some Free Geek members at work

By some strange coincidence, Sam (of Inscape) came by looking for help with the building’s internet. The Free Geek guys leapt to their feet and followed Sam downstairs to a tiny closet where a modem dangled pitifully by a cable.

Troubleshooting the building's internet

Unfortunately, our heroes were unable to do anything beyond declaring that the modem was defunct. Still, a valiant effort.

Hey, today is Wednesday, and that can mean only one thing: SCRoW tonight. (Rumors of its cancelation this week were highly exaggerated.) Come down and get your soldering and coding on!

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