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SCRoW Report 2012-02-29

by Michael Park, Treasurer on March 4, 2012

in Events,Showcase

I was only able to catch part of SCRoW this week (in case you missed it, the “R” for robotics was added to SCoW a little while ago; I’m just now starting to get used to it myself).
Alan was in the process of rebuilding an ergonomic mouse. He was picking through the carcasses of several other mice (mouses?) looking for appropriate parts.

The plural of "mouse" is... a mess, apparently

Lawrence and Danny continued to work on their solder reflow oven.

Lawrence and Danny slaving over a hot oven

They also showed me one of their Bus Pirate boards. I’m not sure what it does, but it looks nice.

Putting the "Arrrr" in SCRoW

Thanks to Budi for opening and Alan for closing the space.

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