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Modular Automotive Company and Learning and Making Community Form Partnership for Open-Source Automotive Electronics

by Budi on June 14, 2012

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Wikispeed Aggresive Body Assembly

Wikispeed Aggresive Body Assembly

Jigsaw Renaissance and WIKISPEED are excited to announce development of each and every electronic component available in modern automobiles as open-source, low-cost modules.

Modern automobiles include dozens to hundreds of microprocessors, accounting for up to 70 percent of the development cost of an automobile as a whole. Typically, the processor designs and the codes that run on them are developed uniquely for each automotive brand. This means automotive manufacturers have little choice but to pay to develop the same solution their counterparts have already paid to develop, and service facilities have little choice but the pay to train their staff on each brand’s solution to the same electronics need.



WIKISPEED and Jigsaw Renaissance (JR) aim to change that by offering a low-cost, modular, and durable solution to each automotive electronics need and then publish the solutions freely online. “There is a potential to save each major auto manufacturer billions of dollars annually and allow smaller manufacturers to spend more of their resources expressing their unique ability to show customer-visible value in market niches,” says WIKISPEED CEO Joe Justice. “JR and WIKISPEED will sell these modules directly while also publishing the schematics and source code in open source. This means each company can still customize and manufacture their own solutions, small manufacturers can purchase the finished circuitry ready for use, and contributors anywhere in the world can collaborate on enhancements and revisions. When Open Source Ecology published the plans, instructions, and budgets to build an open-source agricultural tractor, many folks didn’t see the business model. While some people built their own tractor from the open-source plans and didn’t pay OSE directly, more people opted to purchase a complete open-source tractor from OSE because it is less expensive than the competition and they have all the plans to maintain it or extend it themselves. Even the people who build their own typically add enhancements to the open-source plans, which refines the product OSE offers.” WIKISPEED currently offers automotive chassis that are also published in open source online.

WIKISPEED, a Seattle, WA–based automotive-prototyping and manufacturing startup, is a registered automotive manufacturer able to sell complete vehicles in the United States and kit-built vehicles all over the world. WIKISPEED currently has collaborative operations in fifteen countries worldwide.

Jigsaw Renaissance is a Seattle, WA–area learning and making community, a collaborative community dedicated to collective education and creation, recently taking first prize in the Robo Magellan self-navigating automotive-robotics competition. JR embraces open-source electronics platforms such as Google Android, Arduino, and Netduino due to the low cost and global distribution of skilled enthusiasts and professional developers.

Press Photos:,

Media Contact:
WIKISPEED:, 425-312-3996
Jigsaw Renaissance:, 206-659-5260


Build Party

Whole Car Assembled

Whole Car Assembled

Come by the WIKISPEED shop any Thursday at 7pm for a shop tour, and then having two people from JR pair with Rob Huggins to learn to operate CNC router that night.

Wikispeed, 21002 44th Ave. W. Lynnwood, WA 98036 USA

Please email to RSVP

PS:Wikispeed also do build parties most Sundays, and typically decide if we’ll do one that Sunday during the preceding Thursday build party. So come on over!


From Joe Justice of WIKISPEED:

Netduino development buddies needed

Folks, we have a netduino project that has passed first level testing- it looks like by modulating the throttle in certain patterns we are able to gain some additional fuel efficiency. But we need more work, probably 100 person hours of netduino development, to get this to on-road prototype and know for sure if it works. If it does, the entire world stands to benefit with a few percent increase in fuel economy, which would be awesome. Can one or 10 of you kick us off with 10 hours of Netduino development over the next 30 days or so? We would REALLY appreciate it.

Please email to refer a friend or to express your interest.

Everyone in team WIKISPEED is a volunteer, but this project may have commercial applications too and if you help create a sale-able product with us we’ll allocate a portion of any profits to you- ’cause you will have earned it.

Just so no one is surprised / shocked later on; the Wikispeed team is talking about Netduino not Arduino.

The Netduino is a different hardware board and is programed in Microsoft C# language not Arduino’s wiring language.

Don’t let this put you off though. If you have been looking for an excuse to learn C# this is a great way to pick it up. The development tools are way more powerful than Arduino.
I think that the Netduino requires the free version of Visual Studio Express and only runs on Windows.

PS: If you are new to C# perhaps you might be interested in C# Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners ( It is not specific to Netduino but is a great introduction if you are new to the language.

PPS:Also, if you learn C# with Netduino, you’ll be well on your way toward
programming the .NET Gadgeteer hardwares.

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