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Seattle Mini Maker Faire: Great Success!

by Michael Park, Treasurer on June 6, 2012

in Events,News

Seattle Mini Maker Faire was amazing, in no small part thanks to the JR members who staffed the soldering station. Here’s some fan mail:

Thank you for running the soldering station at Seattle Mini Maker Faire.

Please thank the nice woman [Amber –mp] for the special attention that she showed my four children on Saturday.

She helped my children gain confidence in soldering.

For the rest of the day they all wore their flashing buttons that she helped them solder.

My oldest two daughters want to solder now. My son was so excited about it that we picked up a kit from Ada’s Books and we fired up my soldering iron when we got home.

She touched the lives of my children and I am grateful for that.

She is making a difference in the world.

And here are some photos:

(Edit: Thanks to Ned for pix 1 & 2, Robin for the rest.)

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