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We won 1st place. :)

by Budi on June 6, 2012

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Background Story:
Jigsaw Renaissance and Team RaaSIO are developing an autonomous vehicle, and we competed in the SRS Robothon: Robo-Magellan Competition on self-navigating robot. Robo-Magellan Project started by forming around the idea of implementing A.I.

We won 1st place. :)
First of all, Congratulations to the team for contributions (big and small) to get to this point. Whether it was a win or not, it was an incredible effort till the very end. Sometimes it does pay off to “show up” and just be smart about how to compete. Regardless, the effort needs to be acknowledged and team applauded for sticking to it.

I want to point out that nothing (not even the team, hardware, nor budget) existed 8 weeks ago, and the majority of the work was over the last 5-6 weeks (albeit only a few days a week where the entire team was even together) where everything took shape from a scratch start.

Great job, everyone!

Team Raasio-Magellaissance! Jon Madamba (left), Jason Garland, Shubham Shukla, Paul Danset, Budi Mulyo (right) RaaSIO Supporters Thank you! You guys are AWESOME

Started with an Idea of a Cool Project
On March 15, Shubham Shukla came to Jigsaw Renaissance asking for help hacking his RC car, so he can apply a  self-driving car algorithm from Dr. Sebastian Thurn’s class, and then the next day Budi Mulyo set up a meeting where Jason Garland and Jon Madamba attended. We put together a plan to win the SRS Robo-Magellan competition.
Autonomous Robotics 1st Meeting at Jigsaw Renaissance
Invite Crème de la Crop to Join the Team
On April 13th and 14th, We were able to compete in AT&T Mobile Hackathon in Seattle.
RaaSIO team also won 1st place at AT&T Hackathon:

    Best Apigee UserGrid – 1st Place
    Best AT&T Cloud Architect – 1st Place
    Best SergeSDK – 1st Place

Shubham Shukla, Jason Garland, Jon Madamba, and Budi Mulyo formed the RaaSIO core team. Together with Joe Justice from Wikispeed, we pitched in our idea of using Android mobile applications and Arduino Mega board to control our Robot car.

Pat Tressel, Paul Danset, Justin Woo, Takahiro Ishikawa, and David LaVallee also joined our team during the Hackathon.

RaaSIO AT&T Mobile Hackathon Team Justin Woo (left), Takahiro Ishikawa, Shubham “Shubhaman” Shukla, Jon Madamba and sons, Budi Mulyo (front-center), Jason “Mr. Rollboto” Garland, Pat Tressel, Paul Danset (right)… not in the picture: David LaVallee and Joe Justice,

Come to Soldering Coding and Robotics on Wednesday (SCRoW) at 7pm to inquire about joining our winning team.

More Timeline, Videos and Pictures on RaaSIO Facebook page. A ‘Like’ will keep them inspired!

There is a SRS Robo-Magellan contest in Chicago in August and we wish to compete there.

Even More
Our smart robot got mentioned by Bloomberg Businessweek. Thank you for the shout out. Here’s the direct link: RaaSIO – Businessweek article.

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