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Busy Tuesday!

by Michael Park, Treasurer on December 12, 2012

in Events,Projects

Tuesday night is Project Night, and the space was full of people and projects. Rob Jellinghaus returned with an update of his Holofunk, now with 2-player support:

Rob presents Holofunk

Here Rob is joined by another vocalist and a theremin!

Adding theremin and another vocalist to the mix

Meanwhile, we’re getting ready for our masquerade ball/fundraiser: Dance of the Second Dawn! Here’s the planning committee hard at work:


Have you started working on your mask/costume yet? I followed this video tutorial and made this out of stuff I found in the space:

I made a mask!

Come to Jigsaw tonight for Wednesday soldering and coding and whatever else you want to work on. Budi’s going to work on thought-controlled robots and I’ll be tinkering with my ghetto persistence-of-vision experiment.

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