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Jigsaw Renaissance is an incubator of learning and innovation!  Just feast your eyes on tonight’s happenings in the apiary:

First up, knower and teacher of all things computer science is Pat Tressel.  Here, she’s schoolin’ Meredith and Budi in finite state machines using MIT’s Scratch as a learning tool!


Here we have Ed and Mike with a satisfying mixture of Python and Robotics—like peas and carrots…


Seen here leading Jigsaw Renaissance’s 3D printing renaissance, Rick is in the process of constructing a new 3D printer, while Scott makes a precise adjustment to an intricate component.  By all reckoning, Jigsaw is nearing a cool baker’s dozen printers in our facility.  Stop by some night and check our lively 3D printing scene…

rick_tweaking scott_tweaking

And here we find Mark busily constructing a portable sign for tomorrow’s Sakura-Con show.  Make Atsuko Ishizuka proud, Mark!

mark_talking mark_working

While passing through the kitchen, we stumble across science hobbyist Bill Beaty updating the electronics surplus site list on his website.  Bill’s super friendly, generous of spirit, and an amazing powerhouse of electronics know-how.


And last, but far from least, our resident super volunteer, kaizen-master, and executive-in-training, Tim Clemans.  Tim keeps the lights on and can be found most days at Jigsaw.  If you catch him while he’s keeping office hours, ask for a tour of our space!



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