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Arduino Meetup Report

by Michael Park, Treasurer on March 11, 2013

in Events,Projects

The Arduino Meetup met at Jigsaw last Friday. The night’s project was to make strands of EL (electroluminescent) wire beat to members’ own pulses. Using the Arduino-compatible pulse sensor, available at, and the EL Escudo from SparkFun, members soldered, assembled and programmed all evening. One of the most difficult activities was attaching JST pins to strands of EL wire. The delicate strands had to be stripped of their outer plastic shell and delicately cut open with an X-acto knife; then the tiny wires had to be carefully soldered to the wires on the JST pin. Everyone persevered until each person had an EL wire that beat to his or her own pulse.

Also, there were circuit board cookies! Don’t miss the next meetup.

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