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How to Influence Non Makers

by Tim Clemans, Office Manager on March 17, 2013

in Influence

As a maker at Jigsaw Renaissance, do you feel like you’re losing touch with the outside world? Do you feel like the only people you can influence are those already makers? What about the power players? Could you influence them?

I believe everyone is a maker. We make things as kids. We make food. We make plans. Some make organizations. We make and break relationships. Many of us make web sites, films, and electronics.

Those companies we think we can’t influence are ran by makers. It takes passion and commitment to a dream to make companies like Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

The way to influence is to understand we all have the same underlying feelings and drive. If your goal is to get a company like Microsoft to influence you think about what the sponsorship officer is thinking when reviewing your application. Keep thinking about it until you think wow my application is written in a way that resonates with the reviewer and explains how sponsorship will help Microsoft meet its goals.

We’re all makers. Lets positively influence us all.

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