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Elcano Vehicle Build Nears Completion

by Tom McDonald on April 30, 2013

in Brandyn Lacourse,Budi Mulyo,Charles Holzschuh,Pat Tressel,Tyler Folsom

Jigsaw’s resident autonomous vehicle expert, Tyler Folsom, nears completion of the build phase of his Elcano vehicle for the Elcano Autonomous Vehicle Project.

Team Elcano is a sponsor of the Transportation Research Board‘s conference on challenges and opportunities for vehicle automation—one of the world’s biggest vehicle automation conferences.   Hosted by transportation research board of the national academy this is a smaller sibling event to the TRB’s general conference which annually attracts 5000 people.  Three members of the team will attend and demonstrate the Elcano autonomous vehicle.

In other news for Tyler is a talk he will be giving on May 30th via video feed to a meetup gathering in Somerset, NJ who’s members are forming a self-driving vehicle group.  Feel free to check it out:

Lastly, we caught some of the team in a moment of celebration:


Elcano Project: An Autonomous Recumbent Bicycle
Elcano Project: An Autonomous Recumbent Bicycle


[Update: June 20, 2013]

Elcano, an Autonomous Recumbent Tricycle, which will be presented at Bicycle Urbanism Symposium at Gould Hall (University of Washington). Tyler Folsom, helped by Brandon, will be demoing the vehicle TODAY, June 20 between 3:30 and 5:00.

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