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There’s a new [robotic] sheriff in town…

by Tom McDonald on April 11, 2013

in Events,Tim Clemans

Jigsaw’s own Tim Clemans hosted the King County Sheriff’s Office last night to demonstrate robots used by the Bomb Squad and SWAT teams.  Wow, what a great demonstration and crowd on hand for the festivities.

The main robot on display here is made by iRobot, of Roomba fame.  The model seen here was used extensively in Iraq and has proven itself in the field.  The unit demonstrated for us will be capable of some degree of autonomous operation with it’s next firmware upgrade.

In all, the Sheriff’s office was very generous in making time for Jigsaw, and we welcome them back any time!



Here, our demonstration robot practices a couple of highly articulated movements:

robot_sherif_extended_crowd robot_sherif_extended

Time for a closer inspection.  Can those servos be upgraded?


A great time was had by all:


Here’s the full video of the event:

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