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May Day SCRoW Report

by Michael Park, Treasurer on May 2, 2013

in Events

Pictured above is Akisa from Germany (his hackerspace: RaumZeitLabor). He’s traveling down the coast doing a tour of hackerspaces. Jigsaw was his first stop. Here he’s talking to Meredith, Tom, and Budi.
There was quite a bit of activity during SCRoW last night, like actual soldering, coding, and robotics! Team Elcano was hard at work, as always. I’ve been trying to learn some Raspberry Pi stuff, and Danny helped by installing CherryPy, turning the Pi into a webserver(!) Meanwhile, Mike and Ed were in the other room working on something cool, I’m sure (I didn’t get a chance to see, unfortunately). We’re glad to have 3-D printer guy Scott back in the saddle, and last night he was doing his 3-D printing thing.
Hey, if you have any interest or experience with the Raspberry Pi, come to the next SCRoW; I want to talk to you. Also, if you’re interested in op-amps, Danny plans to do a tutorial on them next SCRoW.

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