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Support GWOB (Geeks Without Bound)

by Budi on July 6, 2013

in Willow Brugh

Willow Brugh, one of the founder of Jigsaw Renaissance and now the Director of Geeks Without Bounds (GWOB), offers this opportunity for you to contribute to their cause. Some of you might have heard about the GWOB, but some of you may  not. Let me try to explain what I know about them. Put it simply, GWOB is like the Geek Squad (at the Best Buy Store):

with big EXCEPTION: Geeks Without Bounds (GWOB) are not technicians like Geek Squad who are fixing home entertainment, automotive  or appliance, and certainly they don’t work for the Best Buy stores.


Geeks Without Bounds Geeks Without Bounds

These geeks are dedicated to solving the world’s technology challenges and fixing the world by empowering people to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Geeks Without Bounds (GWOB) is an accelerator for humanitarian projects. They take teams through a six month mentorship cycle to bring good intentions to a state of deployment. GWOB connect developers with aid organizations so technology can be used in disaster and humanitarian response.

Their cause are noble, and this is your opportunity to enable them to succeed in a big way:

They need a grant writer!

Unbound these geeks so that they can effectively create systemic change and expand their program on a global scale!!!


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