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Making stuff at the Saw

by Michael Park, Treasurer on August 13, 2013

in Anton Arkhipov,Danny,Michael Park,Projects

A small sample of the stuff people are making at Jigsaw nowadays:

  1. Anton’s been building a 3-D printer with Scott’s help. Here’s Anton putting the finishing touches on it:
  2. Danny’s been working on a pneumatic cylinder for Halloween animatronics. Today he was experimenting with making a piston out of Instamorph moldable plastic. Taking a piece of PVC tubing as a mold, he filled it with Instamorph pellets, submerged it in water and heated it in the microwave oven, then tamped it into shape. It worked very well!
  3. Speaking of animatronics, I finally finished my DJ P0n-3 animatronic thingie with RGB LEDs:

    (Click here if embedded video doesn’t work.)

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