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Inaugural Hack and Tell a Success!

by Michael Park, Treasurer on October 12, 2013

in Events

Alex Clemmer hosted the first Seattle Hack and Tell on Thursday. He showed off his Apple //e LISP machine and described the trials and tribulations he went through to make it work. (More info)
Michael Truog presented cloudi, an Erlang-based personal cloud computing platform. He calls is “a cloud at the lowest level” which is why he’s sitting on the floor in the photo above (not really; his laptop wouldn’t connect to the large monitor). (More info)
Your humble blogger presented two projects: pself, a single-board retrocomputer, and the Willpowerometer, kinda the opposite of a sound-level meter. I might blog about them here at some point.
Hack and Tell is off to a great start and will repeat every second Thursday at Jigsaw, so get hacking and prepare to tell.
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