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Intro to Game Development with Unity

by Michael Park, Treasurer on October 6, 2013

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On Tuesday the 8th, new Jigsaw member Curtis Himel will teach the basics of game development with Unity, an increasingly-popular game engine used by both indies and large studios. With the engine integrated directly into the development environment, Unity is (relatively) easy to use and allow real-time changes to your game with immediate results. Making a quick game is probably easier than you think! (And probably cheaper too since Unity has a highly-functional free version.) And once your game’s done, you won’t have to do it again since Unity publishes to nearly every platform available from mobile to Windows to X-Box.

Before the class, you should download and install the free version of Unity game engine 4.2 from . Also, a mouse with scroll wheel is somewhere between useful and required.

Sign up for the class here.

This class will be the first in a series.

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