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Hello Kitties!

by Michael Park, Treasurer on December 5, 2013

in News

IMG_0977Ceramics artist and Jigsaw member Ling Chun has just put up an installation as part of the Storefronts Seattle program. It’s an interactive animatronic piece consisting of eight maneki-nekos that do “the wave” when people pass by.

Check it out at the Publix Hotel on 5th Ave, just a couple of blocks from Jigsaw.

Here are a few photos of Ling constructing the piece at Jigsaw. Other Jigsaw members provided technical and moral support during the process.

Technical details: Each cat had its innards replaced by a servo, two X-band motion sensors are used to detect the presence of people, and a Parallax Propeller microcontroller drives the system.

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