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SCRoW Report 2/26

by Michael Park, Treasurer on February 28, 2014

in Events

Rich brought along a few iterations of the Hack-E-Bot, a low-cost educational robot he’s developing. Cool laser-cut pieces!

Marina enlisted Xandon to assist in her project to make interactive stairs, the goal being to make taking the stairs more fun. Xandon has a Kinect and has written software to play musical tones as people walk through specific areas, so with any luck they’ll have everything installed in time for the Inscape Open House in March.

Xandon also had a virtual drum kit program that Rich tried out.

In the screenshot you can just make out the colored cubes indicating the “drums”.

If you want to get involved with Marina’s project, come to the next Project Night (Tuesday) or SCRoW (Wednesday).

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