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Pricing structure is as follows:
Exclusive use of the shop or conference room is $10/hour. Exclusive use of the classroom is $50 an hour, $150 for the work area.
If someone is holding the space open for you (IE, you are not a keyed member), they get $15/hour. If you are not a member of Jigsaw, it’s $20/hour.
Finally, if you are charging for the event, it’s another $5/hour.

Example: a keyed member holds an event which is free and open to the public. We request that attendees donate to Jigsaw, but there is no charge.
A non-key Jigsaw member using the classroom exclusively for 2 hours would pay $130. ($15/hr key, $50/hr space)
A non-Jigsaw member needing the conference room for 3 hours would pay $90. ($20/hr key, $10/hr space)
Don’t worry, we’ll forward an estimate to you.

We want your event to happen! If it is out of your range, still ping us, and we’ll work something out.