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Our First Free Form Monday


Here at Jigsaw Renaissance, we’re trying out a new membership level: Micro-Desk Community Builder, and our first Free Form Monday. This is our $100 Keyed Member category with the added bonus of a small dedicated workspace, and with the added responsibility of ensuring Jigsaw Renaissance is open for all one evening each week. Tamara, our […]

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Support GWOB (Geeks Without Bound)


Willow Brugh, one of the founder of Jigsaw Renaissance and now the Director of Geeks Without Bounds (GWOB), offers this opportunity for you to contribute to their cause. Some of you might have heard about the GWOB, but some of you may  not. Let me try to explain what I know about them. Put it […]

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2013 Staff Volunteers


First meeting of the 2013 Jigsaw Board of Directors, with several other members participating Please help me welcome your 2013 Staff Volunteers: Benevolent Dictator: Tom McDonald Master of Coins / Treasurer: Michael Park Aspiration Manager / Membership Director: Budi Mulyo Nerds Wrangler / Development Director: Monica Houston Guild Master / Space Manager: Tim Clemans Tools Master / Tools Room Manager: Alan […]

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Teardown Thursday! – Report 2013-01-24


  [SOUND ONLY - SORRY]   This weekly event at Jigsaw Renaissance, hosted by Ned Konz, will examine and learn from the design and construction of the tech items that we use but often never fully understand. You’ll learn about how to quickly reverse-engineer and re-use manufactured objects, paying special attention to understanding systems and […]

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Inward Journey: Discover your internal divine inspiration


(Weekly Meetup – Free, donation requested) This is a free prerequisite class for the “Cinematic Magic Realism Workshop“. Fellow Explorer!! Come and join us on the journey of creation! As an oyster only needs one crystalline grain of sand to create a pearl, an artist only requires an idea or a feeling with which to begin […]

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Events and Classes For January 2013


January 2013 – Events and Classes (PDF)

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Dance of the Second Dawn: The Makers’ Masquerade Ball [UPDATE]


By now you’ve probably heard a rumor that there will be a little masquerade ball fundraiser, Dance of the Second Dawn: The Makers’ Masquerade, at Jigsaw Renaissance this Saturday evening from 6-10pm. It’s true! The band, 6 Minutes ’til Midnight, will be performing. Rob Jellinghaus will present his Holofunk with 2 player support. We’ll have beer, wine, […]

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Dance of the Second Dawn: The Makers’ Masquerade Ball (Fundraising)


Makers inspired fundraising event YOU SURVIVED THE APOCALYPSE!! CONGRATULATION!! Register at Let’s celebrate the beginning of the world in an environment created by Makers, for Makers and anyone interested in the DIY community. Ticket sales will benefit our beloved makerspace, Jigsaw Renaissance. This ball is going to be fun, exciting, and full of community spirit. […]

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